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Is eternal peace achievable? What do you think?
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My grandma came over for the weekend and she recounted interesting, yet sad tales, of the Nigerian civil war in the 60's. 
She told us how my uncle and his wife was buried alive. She told us how it was a crime to be beautiful in those days (beautiful ladies had to paint their face with charcoal or disfigure themselves for fear of being kidnapped or married to opposition soldiers). Did I  mention how her old neighbour gave birth to a tall guy despite the fact that the lady in question was petite. Yes, she was kidnapped and raped by a tall Hausa soldier. Why? Because she was beautiful.
She said there was no place like 'villages' at that time. Thick bushes and palm fronds served as home to her, her son, daughters and the thousands of Ibo natives at that time (
My cousin always joked that 'with all the modern infrastructures prevalent today, if there was war, where would we run to?). Mama's saving grace was my uncle who was a soldier at that time even though it broke her heart to see him fight. She said she is eternally grateful to my late aunt who was in the red cross, at least you are sure of a meal with her.
Tasteless food were the norm of the day (But no one bothered about that). Kwashiokor was worn by everyone especially the little children. Everyday was uncertain. Families watched families die. She ended every statement with 'war is bad'.
Investments were lost. And if you don't join the war, you would be ostracised. Loyalties were tested and visitors were not to be trusted.  
Momma says there is nothing like peace...I agree with her....
The other day I was looking at some gory pictures on CNN on the Syrian war. Lots of sad pictures. People are fleeing their homes to become refugees in other lands...

Even here in Nigeria, I wonder where the people in the north garner their strength from. Everyday, you hear of a church being bombed or gunmen attacking a market or a law enforcement agency.
War is bad. In my opinion, it hasn't achieved any good results
Peace should be advocated for. Money should be spent on promoting peace rather than used to advance nuclear weapons. 
We have all taken risks in the making of war.  Isn't it time that we should take risks to secure peace?  ~J. Ramsay MacDonald
Peace should be preached. There is nothing like peace.
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