Wednesday, 15 August 2012

This Long Distance...

He wore a checkered hat and a blue shirt. I wore a purple flair gown and brown sandals.
He wore dark sunglasses. I donned on white feathery earrings.
We were the imperfectly perfect couple. I loved every minute of hanging out with him.
Sometimes, I wonder, how did I find him?, the chocolaty guy with dark beauty mark on his face. The one I've given all of my heart to.
I know he'll be gone soon. He says 'not long- two years'. I think 'sounds forever'.
I'm scared. 
Nope, I won't go psycho.
...but I know I don't want to lose him.
What's a girl to do?

I love the song 'long distance' by brandy

Here are some 'tips' I think would aid a long distance relationship...
  • Communicate in some way everyday. Phone calls, video chat, send Instant Message's, voice notes, etc.
  • Keep the romance alive. Send gifts or postcards to him/her often.
  • Pursue common interest even though you are apart.
  • Visit him/ her if you can.
  • Be trusting, be positive, be there for them and avoid jealousy
  • Don't take things too personally. Don't worry, He/ She still loves you, Ok.
  • Keep praying for your partner :)
So, are you in a long distance relationship? Please share your advice on how you cope with yours...Pleaseeee...

Thanks a lot for reading. U rock!!! 
Hugs :)