Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hi everyone,
How's your day so far? 
Just want your opinion on this question: What sells in life- Good or bad; Morality vs Immorality?
If you were to shop in the market of life, what would you buy- A good life worth living but you will get a lot of frowns OR one with so much badness, you are a key player in it but you are sure to earn points from your friends?
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Was discussing with a random stranger yesterday in the bus and something she said stuck with me 'Badness sells'. People would rather dress scantily than 'dress-up'. People would rather 'be friends with benefit' than 'Abstain'.  It's quicker to lie than say the truth. Being good is the new bad. Being bad is being real.

Hey, I'm not judging. I'm just asking, what sells? Are we going to be held accountable for our actions in the long run? Do we care that the butterfly tattoo of today would look like a cockroach when we are 60? 

They say 'be yourself'. I strongly believe in that. 
Who would you shop with in the market of life- the minority who believes in good or the 'popular' majority?

Just asking. Don't mean to ruffle any feather

Thanks a billion for reading.
Have a great day....Hugs :)