Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Someone once said, ‘In every disability, there is ability’. 
That is so true; the ‘men and women' at the 2012 Paralympics’ have proved that they are more than ‘National Heroes’. Going by what my ‘Oga’ says, "they are more able bodied than most ‘2 hands, 2 feet’ people". 
They've been able to accomplish what most so called 'able bodied' men have not been able to accomplish and I’m extremely proud of them.
However, I’m disappointed at the lack of publicity their wins or 'heroic acts' have garnered as compared to the just concluded Olympic Games. For example, right here in Nigeria, how many people know that our Paralympians have bagged 10 medals so far (4 golds, 5 silvers and 1 bronze)? How many people know the names of our representative in the Paralympics’ game?
We wailed when we had zero gold medals at the Olympic games. We complain when the Super eagles become flying 'chickens'. Sack this person!!! Complaints every time. That's all we do. But, the medals won by the Paralympians don't even make the front page of the daily's.

It's So Sad. In my opinion, it's discriminatory. Or, what do you think? (People still talk of Chioma Ajunwa's gold medal but the Paralympians, we aren't bothered)...

Anyways, Kudos to the guys over there. 
Thank you Yakubu Adesokan for breaking your 'World Record' and doing us proud. Thank you Esther Onyema, Oluwafemiayo Folashade and all the other great athletes. 

I beg to differ oooo but I'm just ranting off the way I see things happening now and I think this situation is SAD.

Anyways, I'm inspired by the guys over there. All of them. Aren't you?

Enjoy the rest of your day....
Thanks a billion for reading this post. Hugs!!!!!