Thursday, 20 September 2012


How you doing? How was your day?
Work was interesting, laughed so hard (My team mates are the best) and glad to be home. 
I'm so sorry I've not written these past days. Promise to be very regular and thanks for checking back. Thank you so much.

My person of interest today is Aesha Mohammadzai. Her story is one of faith, courage and true strength. (Please click here to read her story, you will be inspired)...

Oops, here's a little note I left for something 'annoying'. Please break up with it too...

Yes, its failure...

Read on...

Dear Failure,
Just a short note to say I’m no longer interested in our relationship. It’s draining. It’s emotionally wrecking and it’s not good for me.
You have the worst friends of the century. I hate hanging out with you and your buddies. Laziness says ‘I should go to bed when I should be studying’. Procrastination, ah! The terrible one, encouraging me to leave today’s task for tomorrow. Till now, I try to block out the slurry way he says ‘Tomorrow is another day’. I’ve put off doing a good days work for a long time and thankfully, I’ve started doing the right things NOW. Indecisiveness, the one with the long claws that drags me to any route. For a guy, I wonder why he keeps such but Oh well, those nails have pulled me in and out of several paths, winding me up in a state of confusion. Well, I’ve got good news; I finally know what I want.
Dear failure, wish I could say I enjoyed this relationship. I did not. Please tell Mrs. Negativity, your horrible mom that I’m finally happy. Her words and feelings don’t affect me anymore. I’m finally happy. I’m free
Honestly dear, it’s not you, it’s me. I’m smarter now.I've learnt. I've dusted my feet and I'm moving on.
Also, I've found someone. His name is success. Google him up. He’s perfect for me. I’m blessed. I’m free.
I’m being polite, that’s why I'm giving you this notice
Glad to be done with this.

Me J
As one writer puts it, there's a good side to failure, the secret is learning from it and moving success. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this…Please leave your comments, I love reading them..