Monday, 8 October 2012

#ALUU4 & the importance of being grateful


How was your weekend?

Mine was great...Is it just me or did you also enjoy watching the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid ? Wanted Barcelona to win though (Kind of rooting for them this season)...

The 'not so great' thing about my weekend was the video I watched showing the gruesome murder of 4 guys in Aluu community in Portharcourt (I cried; still crying when I think of it...It was so gory... Couldn't even finish it...)

I don’t care what they did (so many stories on the internet, Google it!!!!), I even tried to rationalize it but can't think of an excuse to kill someone that way...No one deserved to die the way they were killed...It was dehumanizing...Really barbaric...Can’t believe someone had the heart to even video it...
Hoping they find justice, MURDER IS NOT JUSTICE, JUNGLE JUSTICE IS NOT JUSTICE AT ALL (Borrowing my sisters word, 'It’s just another silly excuse of committing murder'). 

But still, I wonder about this, is jungle justice good sometimes, especially when someone hurt you really bad? (Like in movie, law abiding citizen)...If you were in the shoes of 'Gerard Butler' character in the movie and you watched someone rape your wife and kid and kill them; would you support jungle justice? or would you forgive the person?

Life is sometimes scary. We can only hope to be safe and depend on God for that...I can only say that 'He without sin, should be the first to cast a stone'.  Also, a suspect is innocent until proven guilty....THINK BEFORE YOU ACT...

Oh well, I’m grateful to be alive and for the opportunity to write this...

What about you? What are you grateful for.

Saw this earlier today and thought I’d share

Just saying it’s important to count our blessings...Be content... live by good example, people are watching...Choose to take a chance in kindness...

Oops, my friend, PP also wrote this:
Do hugs, not drugs
Spread love, not legs
Respect, don’t judge
Listen more, talk less
Understand, don’t assume...

Have a great day...Big hugs!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot for reading!!!

RIP Ugonna, Tekena, Lloyd, and Chidiaka (#ALUU 4)

Song of the day: Dido- Life for rent