Monday, 22 October 2012


Hello :)
How was your weekend?
Mine was super duper great. I loved my time with the so-said family, loved doing karaoke with my little sis {we are like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in when you believe ~imagine the power packed voice~ coughs. :)) }, finished season 1 of 'CITY HUNTER' (Love nana and all the cast) and slept the rest of the time (Does that qualify as super duper great? Maybe!!!).
Anyways, here's me wishing you a great week and dishing out some doses of inspiration in today's beautiful words series.
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…You can be happy if you choose to be happy.
…A smile is the simplest thing you can do to truly brighten the day of someone else.
…Have empathy for others.
…There is no such thing as being too polite. You can never say please, thank-you or excuse me too often.
Listen without judgement and criticism.
Respect goes beyond being kind to the elderly – it also includes property, people in general, animals and even themselves.
…Focus on enjoying what you already have instead of wasting time focusing on what you don’t have.
…It’s okay to be wrong as that’s how we learn.
…Pursue things that are right for you as opposed to blindly following what society says you should do. The road less traveled usually brings the greatest rewards.
Song of the day: Saving Jane- better days

Have an awesome week... Hugs!!!!

Thanks a lot for reading :)