Thursday, 25 October 2012


Hello :)

How was your day?

Mine was awesome. Visited my second family and loved hanging out with my lil nieces, Dalu and Dara. They are a delight and it was fun having ice cream and taking a lot of pictures with them. 
I was heartbroken though, when I was leaving 'cos Dara started crying (Still sobbing)...Trying to ease my 'broken heart' with 'Longing' (A  novel by Karen Kingsbury) and it's helping....a little bit.

So grateful for the break from work and the opportunity to do other stuff...How are you spending your break?

A lil suggestion: Try something creative, eat healthy (I know, meat plenty, shey?), rest a lot ('Tis an opportunity to catch some more sleep. No need to wake up at 5) and spread some love and kindness. 
Talking about kindness, I read this somewhere (I think from a Karen Kingsbury novel too) "you never touch one heart with your kindness, because, once someone is loved like that, they'll go on to touch countless hearts and with God, the chain reaction never ends". 

Have an amazing holiday... 

Bowing out!!! 
Image by Dara....Thanks darling :)

Thanks a lot for reading :)

Song for today: Lights by Ellie Goulding