Friday, 26 October 2012


Hello :)
How is your day going so far?

Would try to keep today's post short ‘cos my fingers still ache from today’s guitar lesson. Spent most of my day learning the G and D chord and Nate (My teacher) insisted that we use our fingers instead of a plectrum. So now, it’s aching me a ‘Lil bit'.

Anyway, after today’s class, I spent the day indoors with some ram meat (My adorable Muslim neighbour shared some meat) and Disney channel (Thanks to my sisters love for ‘Shake it up’).

Disney is one of my fave channels (Kind of young at heart) and I learnt an important lesson in the art of cultivating great friendships. As we watched the different shows, from ‘ANT’, to ‘GOOD LUCK CHARLIE’, 'ALLY AND AUSTIN' and 'JESSIE', ‘and even a rerun of ‘LET IT SHINE', I sensed the ‘best friend ‘thingy’ going on (like rocky and cece in shake it up), and I started thinking about my friends, you know, my really best friends and some friendship that I've lost, like Goyte sang in ‘Somebody I used to know’, I realized that over the years, a lot people I used to call friends are now people ‘I used to know’.

I guess friends are special people, and sometimes they become family eventually. Friendship goes on a deeper level. It goes beyond sending virtual hugs and kisses on Black berry or saying hi once in a while. 

Sometimes, it’s like there’s a friend for different aspect in our life (A friend for partying and one for shopping or one for laughs, etc). That’s not the friendship I'm referring to here. I'm referring to the kind of friendship God talked about when he said ‘A friend is like a brother or sister’ and that's the kind I saw/ learnt from my Disney shows today- friendship that transcends family ties.

True friends cries with us when we are sad, isn't insensitive to our needs, easily forgives us but also tells us ‘I told you so’ when we make a silly mistake. 

Who is your ideal friend?

Mine is that person I call when I have a super amazing news or even a heart breaking news and I can cry on their shoulder without being judged. And most importantly, it's that person I can sit with in silence and still feel comfortable.

A friend of mine once said ‘Just because I accept your friend request on Facebook doesn't make you my friend. Just because I have over 200 contacts on BB doesn't mean they are all interested in the workings of my heart. I still feel lonely in a crowded room’. Friendship takes lots of effort. A truck load of effort to make it work.

Love those whom you truly call friends. Invest some of your time for them and your true friend will reciprocate it’. Expect mistakes also (they are as perfectly imperfect like you). 
I just thought of my best friends (they are so handful). They always make me feel like I’m great and they are always there. I try to do the same for them. I rejoice with them and I try to build them up and I cry when they do. We fight sometimes {they mess up a lot :) }, but we make up and I love them...My best friends are God and ...... (fill in the gap)....

It's your turn. How do you treat your friends?

OK, will stop now. It's already long,  right?


Thanks a lot for reading...Really 'preciate your support :)

Song for today: Who says by Selena Gomez