Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I absolutely love this song by Lynxx and Wizkid- Fine Lady
It reminds me of, one of my many dreams. Eventually, I think I want a family...become Mrs. 'Somebody' and Mama 'Somebody'
Yesterday, I watched a cute video of my cousin's friend getting engaged. It was nice, the guy was on a bended knee, you know the whole works...really cute...
However, I guess what matters is life after the 'courtship' phase. 
It's about making the marriage enjoyable and long lasting and not managing it or staying in it for the money
or for their looks...

I heard somewhere that 'marriage is not a bed of roses, but even if it were, roses have thorns'. There will be challenges and crazy battles...I've seen ladies lose it after marriage, just like the picture below...
There are divorces every other day and children bear the brunt of it...
It's important to keep the communication and understanding alive. Keep doing what you and 'Mr. somebody' did when you were 'courting' and look for new ways to keep the 'love' afloat so that you can be happy and there will be less crack in your marriage. Also, include God in your marriage (He helps cement it more.) and leave out 'bad' influences.  
Also, see the addition of cute little beings in your family as blessings and not as burdens. Of course, they will change your 'already crazy pattern'. However, they are yours. You have to treat them right. In the end, they are worth the extra time and attention.

Here's wishing all the present and future Mama and 'Papa' 'Somebody' a great life and a happy home filled with love and dreams. 

Enough of the day dreaming (back to work)...Can't wait to be a mama someday though. U?

Thank you so much for reading :) Have a great day.