Friday, 5 October 2012

Miss Joy


How are you doing? How’s your Friday going?

Mine has been great so far. So many lessons to learn in this race called life.
Sometimes, I hate sad stuffs especially sad movies (You know the ones where the person you cherish much dies!!! annoying), but I learnt a lesson in ‘not judging’ (Remember the saying 'do not judge a book by its cover'). 

I've been putting off watching the movie ‘Letter to God’ ‘cos in my head, it will be too sad for me to handle, but I watched it today, during lunch break and I was blown away. I learnt about God, hope and inspiring others.

Talking about inspiring others, my person of interest today is ‘Talia Joy Costellano’ (check her blog). She’s one of the smartest/ strongest 13 years old/ talented make-up artist who is inspiring the world with her story and strength, even though she’s battling cancer. I really admire her and love that she's not giving up.
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I think we judge ourselves more. For example, the fact that we are not rich makes us dull or the fact that we are ‘a little’ weighty makes us ugly. I love Miss Costellano ‘cos she didn't allow her cancer stop her from being her amazing self but she rose above being judgmental of her situation and is one the strongest persons I know.

So here is me saying, ‘Stop judging yourself, and convert your weakness to strength’ (Saw this somewhere ‘each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing)...

Whether it's a life threatening ailment or a crazy home, lose the depression and exude happiness and confidence, like Talia said on Ellen's show ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming'...and lean on God (I might add)...

Thanks a lot for reading :))

Have an awesome weekend..Big hugsssssssss J