Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meanie 'Sandy'

Hello :)
How are you doing? 

Did you watch the news yesterday? I was glued to CNN throughout the night (Still suffering from the repercussion of insufficient sleep at work), and was mighty scared for my family and friends in Maryland. Hurricane sandy was mean. And the reporters? I thought they were brave and 'foolish' at the same time, you know, staying back to video and report what was going on (and wondering if their family didn't need them). 
One of the brave reporters I spoke about....I'm not living there, not even close, but watching the TV last night made it so real...(Like this is not a clip from the movie '2012)
Throughout the night, I thought of how real this is (Like, it's not a scene from a movie). I thought of homes and properties that will be lost, praying that no one would loose their lives or sanity. I prayed that the storm won't be as bad as people made it out to be and then I slept off. 
This morning, I continued with the 'sandy' saga on CNN (why is it called sandy?), and boy, lots were lost. Properties, lives, electrical power, etc. I thought about the fire outbreak and couldn't imagine my beloved Newyork city looking like that (I've always wanted to visit this city that never sleeps...)..... 

And I thought of Naija. Even though we didn't tag any name to the recent flooding, the effects reeling from it, is still 'super scary'. It's like a bad dream. Imagine waking up to loosing everything you have and everything you've worked for.  For some, all they had left was their night wear and cell phone. 

All of this makes me wonder about life's vanity and about what really matters in life...What matters most to you?

I guess we have no one to turn to but God. Like Mayor Langford says 'When Mother Nature sends her wrath your way, we're at her mercy, and so all we can do is stay prayerful and do the best that we can.'

On the bright side, I'm glad that like all other storms in our 

lives (whether it's the failing economy, or bad health or any 

heart  breaking issues), meanie sandy will eventually pass 


Storms don't last forever.

Enuff said....

Here are some pictures from the 'sandy' wahala:

Image Source: guardian.co.uk (aftermath of sandy in haiti)

Image source: washingtonpost.com

Image source: csmonitor.com

Image source: feministing.com

Image source: huffingtonpost.com

Image source: nydailynews.com

For more pictures, check here


Was wondering, could 'meanie sandy' be a by-product of an 'emotional earth'? Just thinking out loud.....

Enjoy the rest of your day....Please be safe!!!!!!

Thanks a billion for reading :)