Wednesday, 31 October 2012

No Money, More Problems...

Hello :)

How are you doing this morning?
It's the end of the month and it means you've been paid for your 'professional services' already, or will be paid hopefully today. Love the paychecks that accompany 'month endings'...You?

Hope you are saving though and hope you are not in the category of spending your 'salary' even before you see it.

This picture gets my vote for picture of the day. I tagged it 'No money, more problems'... What would you tag it?

The picture describes the sorry state of our economy right now. The fuel price has hiked up without any justifiable reason (Buying from the black market is so ridiculous...Imagine buying at N 6,000.00 for 10 liters ), and who bears the brunt of these decisions? The masses. There's an increment in food stuffs, transport, and unnecessary road congestion, thanks to long fuel queues. 
It's funny the way the standard of living increases, but there's a cut or no increment in salaries....

I guess that's why most people finish their money before the end of the month and then live on borrowed funds for the most part, and when the next salary comes again, they pay off their debt and the cycle continues. (I call it the survival mode.)

My mom always says that 'no matter how bad the economy is, make sure you save something. Save, invest your savings and save again. Even though we don't anticipate it, the rainy days would come'. 

So, please save no matter what. Make a budget, avoid borrowing as much as possible and save for the future, for  just in case...'

I guess my friendship with 'a certain financial person' is rubbing off on me. :)

On a lighter note, what did you think of arsenal's match yesterday? I vote them for most resilient team. 

Hoping they influence us to keep fighting for survival despite a difficult economy...

Have an amazing day...

Thanks a billion for reading!!!