Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Length or Depth?

Hello :)

So tell me, how awesome was your day?

Back from work and going through old pictures I've taken this  year. One of my favourite is this...

I admit it, I'm a nature gal. Love the stretch of water, beautiful sunshine and loving God most especially for creating this...

Talking about the beach; when I look at the endless water, it reminds me of how great life is and how sad I am that 'Life is short'. 
It also reminds me of this great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson 'It is not the length of life, but the depth of life'. 
It doesn't matter if our lives is as long as the 'endless pool' of water, what matters is our beautiful impact on the world in our own little way, and the joy of living a truly amazing life felt by someone somewhere...

Think about the depth of life....
What's your thought on RWE's quote, please :)


Hey, who are you rooting for in tonight's match between Chelsea FC and Man United?

Song of the day: I will wait for you- Mumford and sons (Don't know why, but I'm in love with this song)

Thanks a lot for reading :)