Thursday, 11 October 2012



Just a quick hello and to introduce you to the 'good doctors' or the 'saints of Somalia'...Maybe you've heard of them {I just heard of them now...I agree, living under the rock :)) }

They are Doctor Hawa Abdi and Doctor Deqo Mohammed,  a mom and a daughter who are inspiring the world with their love, strength and goodness...
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Even in the presence of deep unrest in Somalia, when most people left town, these heroines stayed back to help their people. They had a choice and they choose to stay... 
Was wondering if I would do the same if faced with similar circumstances? Would you?

I can hear the voice of doubt  saying; do you want to get killed, or don't you care for family or friends or I'm not strong, or I can't do it....etc.

Uhmm, let Dr. Hawa and Dr. Deqo inspire us to action. Let their story encourage us to seek ways to help people no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in; and to believe in our own inner voice and strength.

So, which would you choose in the face of a great challenge- stay, fight, and be a hero or run?

Even if it's scary, I will stay (By God's grace of course). You?

Thank you so much for reading...Hugs!!!
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Kill Me if You Will, I Will Die With Dignity' Dr. Hawa