Monday, 15 October 2012

Proudly GIRL!!!

Hello J

How was your weekend? Mine was super duper great (have some pictures to show you, but I forgot my phone at home~ long story~ promise to show them tomorrow).

11th of Oct was the UN international day of the girl child. Personally, I loved that a day is being picked out to celebrate the girl child. I am proud to be a girl, woman, female, lady, blah blah, etc and I’m grateful that I'm free to be the best woman I can be now. Not many girls have the opportunity to be that- their best selves ‘cos of some crazy stereotypical beliefs and laid back traditions.

Once, I heard my parents talk about an aunt who wanted my dad to re-marry so that he can have a male child or an heir to continue the family lineage.
In some cultures, women are disregarded as nothing; lands are not allocated to women, properties aren't inherited by girls, girls aren't educated. They are sold off to early marriages :( {Imagine a 13 years old kid married to a 50 years old man. It's crazy but they still practice that}and are relegated to the kitchen. Why? ‘Because she is just a girl and eventually she will be married off’, some say.

This is supposed to be in the past, but somehow, in this 21st century, a lot of girls bear the burden of being born a 'girl'. Take another example of this man in India, who killed his daughter because she is a girl.

Like me, I’m sure you can write a novel recounting the blessings of being a girl. I’m so proud of us (Yippee!!!). One person I thought of during the weekend was Malala Yousufzai. She is 14 and an activist (really brave, I should add). She lends her voice in support of the girl child education even though it’s a taboo to talk about it. Recently, this little strong woman was shot by the Taliban and I’m praying she gets well and healthier.
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For me, I believe that everyone should be treated equally, whether a boy or a girl. No favorites  We all, as individuals have the opportunity to be the best we can be. We all have our individual strength and ability to carry out certain thing. It depends on you. Jehovah made us unique and special, whether boy or girl. Your sex doesn't matter. My opinion. 

Please, what’s your thought?

Oops, before i forget, check this link,  for CNN’s compilation of advises from exemplary women.

My new fave song (love its message): Willow Smith- I am me

Heard it over the weekend and it’s been on replay( in my mind) J

How’s your day so far? Hope the ‘Monday’ isn't getting to you?

Have a great day...Hugs.