Tuesday, 27 November 2012

History Class

Hello :)

One of my favorite quotes of all time is ‘history helps us learn the past so that we can apply the knowledge learnt to shape our future’. My sister quoted that, when I was trying to understand why she choose to study History and Strategic studies over Law. Oh we begged and begged (choose something more 'professional' Nma) but I'm glad my 'strong willed' little girl followed her dream and now she's doing great.

OK, until recently, I used to prefer money over passion; I preferred popular professional courses over courses I feel might take a long time getting a job. My little sister helped me changed my view of that by choosing to study what she loves and is being rewarded for it. I’m also glad mom didn't enforce her choice on her. Right now, I make it a habit of reading my sisters history textbook and I've learnt a lot about my culture and the culture of the world.
Now, I see historians as walking ‘encyclopedias’ and I’m  always excited to ask questions and hear stories from the past. 

In a way, I think we've applied a bit of history in our lives. Our history with a broken relationship have probably influenced our new relationships, history might have taught us to learn from past failures or our finances so that we can be successful right now and in the future. History might also get us cool job as ‘ambassadors’ or ‘ diplomas’ just ‘cos we know the culture of a country or a particular people.
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My sister used to joke that ‘if ever the world gets to the apocalypse stage (like they show in the sci-fi films), she would be among those saved or recruited ‘cos she knows the world by heart and has something precious the rest of us do not have’. 

History is important and I think it should be taught to kids from an early age. It helps them understand the world and the transition from one culture to another.
 My fave part of history is the transition of pop culture in fashion…Please watch the video below and let me know what you think (if there was no preservation of pictures and video and all that history, we wouldn't know this)...

(It’s like some 100 years from now, futuristic kids would think, Oh I love Alexandra McQueen and try to recreate his look. J )…
Ps: A lot of what we wear now are also from the past.Right?
It's like designers and fashionistas just try to 're-invent the wheel' to make their look modern. That's all.

Recently, I read the book 'Half of a yellow sun' by Chimamanda Adichie and I loved it. Even though I'm not a 60's girl, reading that book took me back in time and it opened my eyes to the past. I learnt a lot more about the history of the country, tribes and people in it than I could ever learn. 

History is really fun.....A lot of learning. Like I would say 'knowing our history is important. It saves as long as we are willing to learn from it'.

Hope you enjoyed history class today!!! 
What's your fave type of history????
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.-George Santayana
Thanks a lot for reading…Hugs :)