Saturday, 10 November 2012

It's important too!!!

How are you doing?
I heard somewhere that ‘if you want a hug, then give a hug. If you want a smile, do you smile first?’ (Honestly, I try to remember that every time I meet people). I guess the point is similar to what the Bible says about ‘Treating others the way you want to be treated’. If you want a compliment (I’m sure you love feeling special too), compliment others …If possible, be the first to say ‘I love your…’

Read this earlier today and thought it was interesting-
If you want to polish your compliment-giving skills, below are some tips you may find helpful:
  • Rule I
    Be generous with compliment and positive feedback. It takes very little time and is very much appreciated by others.

    Let people know when you find them to be kind, honest, reliable, fun to be with, smart or cheerful.
  • Rule II
    Be sincere. Say only what you mean, and mean what you say.
  • Rule III
    Be specific. Your compliments will ring true more. Besides, you may even be able to compliment those you are not particularly fond of; after all, they too may possess some redeeming qualities.
    “It was very kind of you to offer me a ride”.
    “You are a great cook. This is the best stake I’ve eaten in many years”.
    “I admire your composure during that argument”
  • Rule IV
    Avoid backhanded compliments, such as:
    "You did an excellent job, but why couldn’t you finish it two weeks ago?" or “Thanks for being on time today. How long will I have to wait for a repeat performance?”
    Those are not compliments at all; it’s thinly veiled criticism.
How to accept compliments:
  • Rule I
    Take every compliment at face value, and don’t search for ulterior motives behind them.
  • Rule II
    Graciously acknowledge compliments with a smile and simple thank you. It never hurts to add how very kind (sweet, nice, touching, wonderful) the compliment is. And, if the compliment has made your day, by all means do add that!
  • Rule III
    Don’t voice disagreement with the expressed compliment or openly laugh it off: you are much more likely to appear socially inept than modest. You may also deflate and embarrass the compliment giver.
True, right?
I also want to add that even if you don’t want to give a positive compliment, still be sensitive to the need of others.

Also, are you guilty of ‘Rule ii’ of ‘How to accept compliments’? I am. Whenever someone says something nice about me, I just smile and mumble ‘something’ and blab before saying thank you. Now, I’ve learnt to accept whatever compliments I get in good faith and say a big THANK YOU.

Compliments are important. It has a way of uplifting a persons spirit. You agree?

Have an amazing day….

Oops before I forget, will be travelling for a few days and not sure if I will be connected to the internet but If I am, will definitely keep bugging you with more ‘true me-ish’ post J

Thanks a lot for reading…Thank you…You rock!!!!!