Friday, 9 November 2012

Please, Don't Run Away...

How’s your day going?

Don't know why but I just thought of this autistic kid I met when I visited my village. I've never heard him speak before, you know make a complete sentence other than an occasional grunt once in a while, when he's happy or with his mom and his loud growl when he's angry or confused.

A lot of people ran away from him. He was called an imbecile (or Imbe 'in an annoying accent'). He was laughed at especially when there's saliva running down his mouth....

Back then, a lot of my friends were like 'if they gave birth to an autistic kid' they would give the child up for adoption. I tried to figure if there was a cure or some help for them. And asked myself, If I had an autistic kid, would I love my baby all the same? 

I'm praying for the day when, right here, at home, in Nigeria, we would stop our discrimination on autistic persons. They aren't different from us.  They are actually very smart. I think an awareness is important as well. Most people blame their issues on the 'village'.
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I know we have schools for them here. But, these schools are really expensive. Like how can women in the rural areas cater for their autistic wards? How can kids over there be given a chance?

I watched this video earlier today and this beautiful kid reminded me of what the kid in my village can't enjoy. 
The video is so inspiring..
WARNING: If you have a soft heart, you might cry :)

I've learnt in life never to discriminate anyone. Be grateful for what you have but don't make someone else feel sad for what they've lost.
Don't run away from them. They have hearts too.

Ps: The news this week has been funny and inspiring. My fave is the Kenyan woman who named her twins after Obama and Romney. Good one lady, your sons might grow up to be the next world leaders...
Another news I loved is the one about the four Nigerian teenagers who had the smart idea of converting Urine to fuel for generators. Been thinking, what was I doing in physics and chemistry class (Huh?)...Anyways, I hope their idea would be harnessed further to make pee-fuelled cars or pee-fuelled cookers...So much for ‘Pee-energy’...

Super glad for the girls!!!! Aren’t you?

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Big hugs!!!!!
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