Monday, 19 November 2012


Spent the last 2 hours in a meeting discussing the Integrated Management System and listening to everyone share their opinions on how the company can move forward. It was an interesting session, learnt a lot about management and managing people (and the disadvantage of creating a voluminous procedure or document 'cos the truth is, who really reads them?).

Anyway, I can't wait to be my own boss and have a few people I can manage myself...Is it easy? Probably not. You have to be on the alert all the time and ensure that you make all the right decisions. Even if you employ the right people to do that for you, you have to be involved in the business process (or watch your business 'collapse'). 

But it's fun be at the top (especially with the better pay and not doing the really 'dirty' work). How do you get there? More of good work, patience, faith and years of experience. Then, you can rest when you are on top.

Can't wait to be at the top. You?
Back to earth, I have loads to do tonight. 

Not complaining though.

Hope you had an amazing day.

Thanks a billion for reading. Hugs :)