Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reality Check

Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean is dirty, the ocean does not become dirty'. You agree with him?

I will never forget what my best friend always tells me, ‘Ok, it’s time to leave Mars and come back to earth’. I agree that sometimes I live in this picture perfect world and try to live the ‘perfect’ life (You know, a big fan of happy endings like in the movies) and so when I see crazy things happen, I’m like, What happened to humanity or what happened to their consciences!!!!!!

Take the example of the Boko Haram people who are requesting for a dialogue with the govt. After everything that has happened, after causing untold grief to people, they are requesting that their members be set free, they should be compensated and are even choosing the people they will dialogue with and the venue. Just Imagine. After all that they've done, they are saying, ‘we call the shots eventually’. Really heartless. God help us.

Another example is that of a woman in the news yesterday. After the whole process of childbirth (labour pain and all), she was told that her new born baby has been kidnapped. Kidnapped? Wicked!!!

Or my friend who just got paid after 6 months and was paid one-quarter of the lump sum of what he was owed and without being apologetic, he was told to keep ‘managing’, after all, the economy is bad (And when I tried to interfere, he said 'That's life').

In light of the increased robbery attack, Someone said something that was sad, yet true, to me this morning on my way to work, he said 'Some people have said to themselves that 'hard work' is no work, as such, they resolute to crime as an easy way to be rich. They don't want to invest or anything. They just want to be rich. Spend that thing called 'money' before they leave this world'. 

In a ‘movie-like world’ (except for ‘final destination’…really scary), life is perfect. Boko Haram would be caught by the Police. The woman would be cuddling her child and my friend would always look forward to pay day.

But is life really perfect? Or do we need some kind of reality check some times to bring us back from Mars? At times like this, I agree and agree with Gandhi. I agree that you don’t judge a book by its cover (Just because a drop of the ocean is dirty doesn’t mean that the entire ocean is dirty). But, I also agree that while patience is a virtue, you don’t become stupid while at it. Try flying.

Anyway, I recommend being positive and to trust God no matter what. Like they say, don’t cry over spilt milk. Do the best you can and give love a try and joy always in your heart.

Love me some reality check time. Try it some times especially with your job, friends, affairs, relationships and Life in general. While fantasy is a nice getaway, Be realistic too!!!

One of my fave quote of all time is this ‘To feed orphans, while it’s a great service, is it ok to steal and cover up corruption to do that?

How was your day?

Enjoy the rest of your day. Off to the TV for some good ‘ol football. (Chelsea and Juventus)…

Thanks a lot for reading. You Rock!!!