Friday, 28 December 2012

Happy Ending

How is it going?
So are you in love?

I am. So in love with my man. Even though he’s sometimes naughty and maybe not so ‘lovable’ (hey I’m being honest) but he’s my best friend and he makes loving him so easy. I love him. Enough of me.
How’s your love life? Do you believe in happy endings- running off with prince charming or princess ‘fairy-tale’ and living in your white picket fence or is it a mansion?

Avril Lavigne once sang ‘So much for my happy ending'…Truly, for some, ‘happy endings?’ uhmm, is a tough one. Look at the divorce rate nowadays, couples fight, they call it irreconcilable differences and I wonder why that burning flame of long ago fizzled out. I read in the paper about a couple who got divorced ‘cos the man talked too much. And I wonder, didn’t you know that before you got married?

I’m not saying to endure your marriage. You should enjoy it. Problems will come. Stages will come when you would feel overwhelmed but work through it. I heard this somewhere and it captures all of what I want to say: ‘No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together’…Really, if you try to work at it, let God and his principles in, it would work out. Happy endings are for real and you can have yours. It’s no biggie.

Remember even at moments when he/she is not so lovable
E.g. Like this...

work through it, communicate, be yourself, and don’t judge or insult. Make your relationship fun, dance and like my psychologist guru tells me, 'the easy way out is leaving ‘cos he/she dirties the room all the time and you are OCD but what’s your assurance that the next man/woman you meet wont be a hitter or a cheat? Leaving for flimsy excuses are like exchanging problems. Don't do that'. 
Don’t settle, but remember that there’s no perfect person.

‘Do to others what you want them to do to you’. Life will be easy. Your happy ending is so feasible. It takes two to tango and two (Never neglect God) to make it work.

Love you plenty!!!

Wishing you and that special someone forever love.

Song of the day: Emeli Sande, lifetime

Thank you so much for reading. Hugs J