Sunday, 9 December 2012

Just a thought (3)

 “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” — William A. Ward
Hello Dear,
How was your day?
Just thought about this… ‘Praise God for now and your pasts and keep trusting in Him for your future…’
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Yesterday, my little sister and her friends graduated from the University, I am super excited for them but then, I think about their future. Most of my class mates from school haven’t even found a job yet. Yearly, more than 100,000 students graduate from school and join the hustle and bustle of the ‘Labour’ market like they call it. Most graduates are Taxi drivers, bus conductors and even truck drivers, basically taking on anything to avoid staying at home.
Have you been to an interview recently?
They told me ‘Oh you don’t have the relevant experience’ and I wonder ‘where am I going to find the ‘so called experience if you don’t give me a chance to work?’. It’s crazy …But after all the disappointments I met, I learnt to be happy and content (crying was not solving anything anyway) and was grateful to God when I got my amazing Job and I’m loving being a Working girl…Many other graduates become their own employer, which is super great (Eventually I would like to take on that challenge)…
The point is, Life would throw certain challenges at us. It’s like we are happy now and sad later. But no matter what happens, be grateful and thankful for your NOW (Honestly, someone somewhere wish they were in your shoes), be grateful for your past too, tomorrow will sort itself out…Trust God for your future. 
Rather than worry over tomorrow, leave your anxieties with Him.
My beautiful cousin dedicated this amazing song to my sister…

Was out and about Lag today and took this really cute picture…

It’s nice right?
I started thinking about who sculpted it and how they were able to mount it on the building (I’m no architect, so can’t figure it out) and all that...I also started praising God for making us, humans, really smart and unique…Wow!!! You????

Have an amazing week...Hugssss...

Thanks so much for reading J