Saturday, 8 December 2012

'Not Gone'

Hello Dear,
How was day?

So earlier today, I got this broadcast message on my BB which made me sad. It said:
"Mr. Lanre Fashesin has not been heard from in the last 3 months after he was kidnapped at a site in Edo State.
The family had up until now made frantic efforts to secure his release to no avail. The Police also claim to have hit a dead end and seem to have become clueless as to how else to find the kidnapped engineer. Mr. Fashesin was working at the site where he was kidnapped as a contractor for Dextron Engineering Limited based in Lagos.
The family today put out a release appealing to members of the public to kindly join in the search for Lanre who recently just got married.
Engr. Lanre Fashesin, referred to by the kidnappers as ‘Larry’, was kidnapped around a Niger Delta PHCN project site in Iguiye village(between Okada & Benin City) 4 months ago. We have not heard anything from him or the kidnappers for about 3 months now.
Lanre is 6 foot 3 inches tall, and speaks Yoruba and English fluently.
Please call 08069439240 if you have any information & spread the word." Click here to see Lanre.
It's so sad. The other day, another message was sent out, calling for everyone to help find a little girl who had been abducted while returning from school. 
In some parts of Nigeria, 'kidnapping' is like a trending issue. People are being traded for money or used for ritual :( 

I wonder what's going on with our security system?

I can't imagine what Lanre or that little girl's family must be going through now :( 

We can only pray that they be found....That they are alright and that they return home to their family soon...

Now, I understand why some parents are extra protective of their kids. My mom always insists that we pray together before I leave for work. No matter how late I am, she always says '2 minutes with God is important'....And we must pray, it's not up for an argument :)

In as much as there are good people around, the crazy ones exists, its like  you are being surrounded by sharks and I know that holding on to God is our best bet against them...

Even though God allows some things to happen, I know He is always with us and I plead with us to lend our voices in praying that Lanre and other kidnapped family members come home (Nothing is too big for God to handle)....

They can't be 'gone'. I'm positive and hopeful that soon, they will find their way home and justice will prevail. They can't be gone. What do you think?

Hope you had a nice day?

Mine was amazing except for the crazy traffic on my way to the market early this morning and the 'Kidnapped- ish' which tried to dampen my day....
I watched Pitch perfect too...Anna kendricks and all the casts are talented..#pitch perfect indeed...You need to watch it....

Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

Thank you so much for reading :)

Song of the day: I look to you by Whitney Houston