Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Hello dear,
How's your day so far?
Is it me or did you also let the tears flow while watching the CNN Heroes: An all star tribute show yesterday?
Even though ten heroes were honored  I think in some ways, we are all heroes. Those beautiful little things we do counts.
The top ten heroes honored yesterday thought me about more the phoenix. we really can find beauty amidst ashes and we can find joy despite pain.
What would you do if you were raped? or lost your kid? would you back down if you were threatened to be killed 'cos you stood up for what is right? how do you treat kids that are not yours; what if their parents were in jail, would you take care of them? If you were faced with great adversity, would you complain your way through life or would you be the voice of the weak and silent ones?
These giants, these heroes, reinforced my belief that angels do walk among us. Take a look around, they exist.
Today, I celebrate these heroes, including my mom (yup. she's my hero) and all of the heroic projects I know like 'the slum to school project and my personal fave 'The So- Said home'. 
I also applaud all of us for the little ways we've left the world a better place, for being the reason for someone's smile and for being selfless and not waiting for a thank you.
Let the love of the heroes mentioned below inspire you to keep living a life of charity. Even in your weakness, you might give strength to someone. Take a look around, something or someone needs saving, you just might be perfect for that job.
Heroes aren't born, they are made. You know, heroes were once zeroes :)

The top 10 CNN Heroes for 2012 (in alphabetical order) . Click on the link for more about them and their work:

  Pushpa Basnet of KathmanduNepal: Butterfly Home: 'Making sure no child grows up behind prison walls' http://ecdcnepal.org/(2012 CNN Hero of the year) 

 Wanda Butts of OhioUSA: The Josh Project:  'Changing the statistics so that African-American children do not drown' http://www.joshproject.org/

 Mary Cortani of CaliforniaUSA: Operation freedom paws: 'Helping veterans find joys in their life. It's priceless'. http://operationfreedompaws.org/

Catalina Escobar of CartagenaColombia: Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation. ‘These teen mothers are my own daughters. I want my girls to be empowered’.http://juanfe.org/

Razia Jan of Afghanistan, with an organization located in MassachusettsUSA: Zubuli Education centre. ‘These girls needs to get educated.Nobody can steal from them’. http://www.raziasrayofhope.org/

Thulani Madondo of KliptownSouth Africa : Kliptown youth program. ‘I’m helping to educate the children so that we can help change clip town together’ http://www.kliptownyouthprogram.org.za/

Leo McCarthy of MontanaUSA: Mariahs challenge. 'I give kids tools to stay away from drinking. We save one child. We save a generation'. http://www.mariahschallenge.com/

Connie Siskowski of New JerseyUSA . American Association of care giving youths. ‘No child should have to drop out school to  take care of a family member’. Click here to know more about Connie’s work.  http://www.aacy.org/

Scott Strode of ColoradoUSA: Phoenix multisport. ‘We are having fun and we are proud of being sober’. http://www.phoenixmultisport.org/

Malya Villard-Appolon of MadreHaiti: KOFAVIV. ‘We tell people to come out of silence. Do not be afraid to say you have being victimised’. http://kofaviv.org/

CNN Young Wonders
Cassandra Lin, Project TGIF: Turn Grease Into Fuel
Will Lourcey, FROGS: Friends Reaching Our Goals
Jessica Rees, Jessie Rees Foundation

NEYO's song Heroes is one of new fave song. Nice song!!!

Have a blessed day and relish the joy of giving...

'No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another'- Charles Dickens.

Thanks a lot for reading. Hugs!!!!