Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happiness: Beautiful Words (7)

Hello Dear,
Welcome to 2013 J
How did you spend your day?
Last night was fun. Like we do at the beginning of each year, we prayed together as a family (love hearing momma’s talk to God. #deep) and joined in the fireworks and all. It was magical (but kinda loud).
…and had our first meal, thanks to my amazing aunt. Liver, chips, and pepper sauce. Perfect!!!!

'Prince charming' in Canada waited on me all night (So blessed to have him). Talked and talked till I fell asleep. Thankful for the amazing moments in 2013 already.

Being the beginning of the year and all, I would like to share these beautiful words with you. Actually, they are a stack of inspirational-pictorial words (ok, did I describe it well? LOL)….Had them over the past year J

Hope these words encourage to keep going on as you aspire to reach the stars. Don’t give up on your dreams. Hold on to God and trust in Him. Life is truly beautiful even in those tired moments.

Wishing you a magical year and praying we keep inspiring each other with our beautiful words. Wishing you HAPPINESS.

Thank you so much for reading. It’s an amazing new year indeed.