Monday, 4 February 2013

The Challenge :))

How was your weekend?
Mine was super great. Glad Nigeria won the 'BIG GIANTS' Cote d'Ivoire (Really big surprise). Big miracle. Wow!!!!!!!

And My cousins are so happy about the Super bowl yesterday. Baltimore Ravens won. Yayyyyyy!!!!!! but can someone help me understand American football?
I've tried figuring out this game. LOL!!!

Anyways, Just want to wish you a great new week.

Also, try out this challenge. I watched the video below (Thanks 'Ted Talk') and was 'Wow-d' by it.
Don't waste the month.

The next 30 days are going to pass whether you like it or not, so why not think about something you have always wanted to try and give it a shot for the next 30 days?” (Matt Cutts)

Have a great week...

Wishing you the best in whatever challenges you are facing and don't forget to look to God for help whenever you need one.


Thanks for reading :)