Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hello Les Amis,

How was your day? 

Just had a 'sweet' nap after the long walk I had today... Visited my 'newly adopted kids' at the charity home and enjoyed every moment there. And they sang to me too. Yipee!!!!! Can't stop smiling....

Was a beautiful 'chilly' day, Yup!.

However, something 'Mama', the lady who runs the place said stuck with me. She said she woke up feeling tired and unsure of whether she was doing the right thing...and for some reason, all she could say was 'Thank you GOD'.

Ever felt that way sometimes...Probably weak, doubtful, disgraced, Fear, troubled and all that....I do sometimes, especially when I hear sad stories (Like the news concerning the 20 kids that were killed in Yobe state by Boko Haram Militants)  and I think, like Mama, would my first thoughts  be 'Thank you God'?


I saw this picture some days back and I thought I'd share...

Nice to know God has a word for us in any situation...

And no matter how sour our day is, God is always there, working behind the scene and guiding us through it...It's all about TRUSTING' and 'OBEYING' Him..

So I guess I can scream 'Thank You GOD' too....

What would be your first thought in 'scary' times?

Off to support my friend competing in the Miss Nigeria Competition...Go Violet!!!


Thanks a billion for reading :))