Monday, 10 February 2014

A boy, a girl and a monkey!

'Now I stroll at leisure with God, in the sunlit fields of life'
.Ok, I am the girl. Duke Keata is the boy. And our Monkey is well, a monkey.
And.....this is our picture story at the Lekki Animal Conservation near Chevron, Lagos...
Lil Monkey kept following me...Dts a brave smile there 'cos I was scared of  him.Ha!


Can't explain it...But there's something beautiful about this....

Just glowing...Not even the crocodiles can take away my smile.....

When we got to this tree, we heard someone call out...'Tolu, Tolu,  don't climb that tree'. We stared at her as she sat there, staring angrily and authoritatively at a young man in white. 'Honey', he replied, nothing will happen. He turned and looked at the tree, taking a step.

She screamed again...'Tolu' and the poor guy had to go sit with her. 
My thoughts: Things we do for love.

Anyways, there I was, so scared. Staring at the tree as Duke climbed away, with a brave girl in half dreads and half shaved head. 

'Tree is too tall', 'I have the wrong shoes'- My excuses.

I sat there. Wishing. I am scared. What if I fall.

And then a family joined us.'Honey', papa said, just in case anything happen. My will is in a folder marked 'will' on my laptop. Everyone laughed as Papa scurried away on the tree.

'Daddy' 'Daddy', his little one called. 'I love you sweetheart', he said, halfway through the tree.

Tolu came back. Staring at the tree. Papa's wife joined him and said 'I want to climb, but how will I come down though?'

My third excuse- Yes, it's easier to climb, but how will I come down?

'Tolu, come joor' his girlfriend called. He shifted uncomfortably, clearly embarrased, saying, 'Leave me! Ah!'

And then Duke came down.

'Ij, leave your fear'. He said.

'But my shoes', I said.

Is it that or is fear speaking? He replied.

And saying a quick prayer to God, I put them shoes in my bag and climbed.

Oh! The thrill of leaving fear behind and courageously living your life.

And Tolu said, 'Honey, if she climbs this, then I will'.

Well!!! Didn't see him though.

As for me, I learnt a beautiful lesson on trusting and living courageously.

Papa took this picture of me. I can still hear the cheering!!!!

'I died with fear and resurrected with courage'- Duke Keata
The few brave men...and women :)

With my new friend- Ayike.

Mr. Keata!!!!

Yayyyyy!!!! Glad I saw the yellow birds!!!

Are peacocks beautiful or what?

The grace to be a kid again....

Crocodile Hunting....The trail continues.....

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One of my fave pics...So glad I took it.

I think this is where we got our Christmas Tree decoration....

Joy births glow!!! True story!

Hello, Mr. Turtle....

Ah! Yes! The monkey :D
Looking at the beauty of the whole place, I kept saying to myself- God is my inspiration. He is creative.....

Wish I saw some crocodiles or snakes...Hahahahahaha...Honestly, would have stayed...I'm being courageous...LOL!!!!!

The animal conserve is an awesome place to visit...If you are tired of going to the movies or restaurants...And it’s so affordable... You can pay 2500 (personal membership fee) to visit  for a whole year. Great right?

The blessed thing about the weekend, apart from the new friend I made (Adventurous Ayike), was also the beautiful conversation I had with my friend, Duke...I love real people and Duke is as real and wise as they come...
Here are some punch lines from our conversation (you might enjoy them like I did)
·         I died with fear and resurrected with courage....
·         You need to build your self confidence, but remember, there is a thin line between self confidence and arrogance.
·         You need your talent and dreams, but of course, talents and dreams are nothing when there is no hard work and God.
·         Avoid life infectors. Don’t let the negative people affect you. Avoid them if you can.
·         Always dwell on the positive. Think about the good you've been dealt with.
·         Anywhere you are, think about the energy you are releasing, is it a beautiful aura or a foul one?
·         When we encounter God....Wow!!!!

My thighs are still sore from the trip and the climb...A good sore. 

Have to leave the heels for a while ....

Can’t stop humming ‘David Crowder’s song- Everything Glorious’

Take care of you!

Sweet week.