Friday, 7 March 2014


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I had the following conversation with an aunt the other day- holding her new born baby girl, I said ‘Aunt, she’s beautiful!’ and she replied, ‘Really? She’s dark. I wish she was fair. Fair babies are more beautiful, like you are.’ I sat there, staring at her, heart-broken for the beautiful baby girl I held in my arms. and I thought to myself, 'This is stupid! How can anyone define beauty based on a skin color. :(

I have a friend who loved this guy so much. He travelled. They were together. After some years, they broke up and while weeping to a colleague of hers, the ‘so-called’ words of comfort from her colleague were- ‘He found someone better, you know, someone more beautiful than you’. And I was like- Uhmm, excuse me, define beauty?

I know this girl who hurts herself, yes, hurts herself, by killing her self esteem. When I say she’s beautiful? She gives me all the reason why she is not....Someone is prettier, someone else dresses better, someone else has some guy. She is not beautiful.

I know this woman at school who was green here, blue there, red up and yellow down...Mismatched skin complexion, all in a bid to be light.

These are some examples of the battle people go through everyday just to be accepted. Just to be seen as beautiful. 

Honestly, what is beautiful- Dark Skinned vs. fair skinned? Tall vs. short? Fat vs. skinny? Longed hair vs. kinky hair? Filter or no filter?

Is your definition of beauty validated by what the TV and magazines and the world thinks? Hey remember, what you see on the media most times,  are 'Filtered' or 'Photoshopped' or 'the-perfect-picture-after-a-million imperfect takes' anyway.


Do you say you are beautiful because you know you are- whether you are short or fat or tall or dark or no hair or long haired or flawed or not flawed?

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Many times, I hear people throw the word ‘Clean’ around. She’s Clean. He’s Clean. Automatically, she/ he is beautiful. 

Let's say you can't afford the next fashion statement and have to make do with rags- does that mean you are not beautiful? or Let's say, you have all the clothes there is- does that automatically qualify you as beautiful?

Don't get me wrong! It's good to look good- but is that what defines your life-looking good! Is that your definition of beauty?

For me, beauty goes beyond our physical attributes, and is deep rooted in the heart. 

I love how the bible puts it- Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman/man (I might add) without discretion.

Really, what’s the point having all that ‘amazing features’ outwardly and inwardly you are rotten.
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Beauty for me comes from within, cos like all things, one day, the face, and complexion and dresses and all the physical won’t matter, one day, you'll get old and wrinkled and then what?what matter is what’s within and the legacy you leave behind.

I love everyone. I think we are beautiful physically, in every way. I judge/ appreciate people from what they are on inside. That where true beauty lies.

I just listened to Lupita Nyong'o speech at 

the Essence Magazine Black Women In Hollywood award ceremony and I agree with something she said - ‘You can’t eat beauty. It’s something you just have to be. Having compassion for yourself and for others. That's true beauty’....

Developing Godly traits like love, kindness, patience, forgiveness, compassion, humility, confidence...You know, ‘never fading’ traits like that. That’s what sustains you and keep your story going, long after you are gone. That's what beauty is.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Smile at your reflection. You are beautiful. Flaws or no Flaws. Just go on being amazing from the inside.

Honestly, it’s unfair to judge someone based on the physical.... Beauty is so much more than what the eyes behold.

I love this talk by Lizzie Velasquez!

“What you do, the way you think, makes you 

beautiful.”― Scott Westerfeld

Remain Beautiful. Be beautiful. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Hugs :)