Thursday, 6 March 2014


.....Hola Friends!!!

Today, I'm giving this space to my beautiful friend 'Nma'... I love her raw honesty and encouragement...


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Ok, so my day started on a tired note. Woke up late, had my bath late et al but the funny thing is that it happened today. What? U might ask. Now, that is why God can never lie. I've had this feeling to buy an umbrella for a while now. Some people will call it intuition, but I choose to call it the leading of the Holy Spirit. Well, yours truly was procrastinating and didn't buy it, and so coming out to meet the rain this morning wasn't pleasant at all.
 Now! problem was, I didn't just have the rain to deal with, I had my stomach too. I ate a new dish (Ewedu and Eba! You can't blame this Owerri girl) last night and, my tummy having a different opinion from my mouth decided to show how 'she'  felt about the food (like I blame 'her', spoilt brat 'she' is) so now I had my tummy and the rain to contend with. So walking out, you can guess my prayer 'God, I'm sorry blah blah blah but please let the rain stop' But alas!!! It didn't stop. I was almost tempted to say something bad back at Him for not answering my prayers, but I remembered the scripture ' all things works together for good to they that love God'....So mehn!!!!! Its was hard oooo but I grinned instead, whispered an 'I trust You' and Thanked Him for the craziness...and He showed up HIS WAY.
 Immediately I got to the junction (a little wet), an empty bus stopped in front of me. Got to the bus stop, and got another empty bus to my next stop. When I got down, the rain stopped long enough for me to walk down to my office. Then I got thinking, God has a reason for everything He allows to come to us. It may not look like He hears us or He's there, but trust me, He's in every situation. So when you pray and it looks like God isn't answering you, always remember He sees way beyond what we see. He knows all and He can do more than we can dream and do. I'll leave you with this line from Tye Tybbert's song ' If he did it before, he can do it again. Same God back then, Same God right now. 
- Nma

My thoughts: I agree with Nma. It can be hard sometimes you know....Before, my prayer used to be....'God, I want this to be done at my time......I want this to be done my way'...Sounds familiar right?

I'm learning to trust Gods timing and will...He does have a plan, He has a reason and He loves us even when we are naughty and He will pull through for us...All we need is a little patience, a little trust and an unconditional devotion to Him...

Are you in that place where it's- ' matter what, I still love you?'

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