Monday, 8 December 2014

Wrestling the Demons....

Hello Everyone :)

How was your weekend?  :)

Spent mine reading an amazing book- The giver.

It's a beautiful work of art...and two questions that stuck with me as I finished it was: How far would I go for something I believe in? Would I take a stance of courage always or would I die to my fears and succumb to 'demons' everytime? 

If you were to answer honestly, what will be your response? 
'cos your demons, whatever form they take on, whether a news or a situation or a person, is evil and annoying (that's why they are called demons), and wrestling it or being courageous is never easy..

It's #motivationalmonday in the social media world, and I thought I'd share this with you...
....Tell God, Be courageous and face your demons...
That's me and my super whip and la scary bad guy)

...and before you say 'easier said than done or cliched', let me say, 'in everything, use a bit of wisdom, trust God and stop running in circles'.

In the words of August Wilson: “Confront the 

dark parts of yourself, and work to banish 

them with illumination and forgiveness. Your 

willingness to wrestle with your demons will 

cause your angels to sing.” 

Source: Youtube

Be brave today and always.
Have a splendid day...

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Thank you so much for reading :)