Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Hello Everyone :)

So,  Novel unveiled, the awesome event I told you about has come and gone. 

I remember asking Deji, the amazing organiser of the event how he initiated it, and he said that it started with an idea. One he wasn’t afraid to implement, and Voila, on November 30th , he saw the birth of his dream.

It was an event where several innovators and inspirers met to discuss ideas, passions, and life words. They include: Steve Araba (Social entrepreneur), Ademola Aderigbigbe ( Brand Consultant extraordinaire), Zubair Abubakar (Nigerian constitution App developer and the owner of one of Nigeria’s largest gaming company), Salem Kosemani (My favourite freak, and winner of the world bank youth innovation in 2013), Sotonye Okolubo (Biz tycoon, Owner of Spanache), Olumide Okesanya (One of my fave spoken word artiste) , and yours truly.

Learnt a lot from these awesome individuals;

Steve Araba reminded me of how important ideas are.

Seriously, it’s one thing to have an idea and it’s another thing to execute it. But oh well, like every relationship, love is beautiful, but you gotta work hard to maintain it, so is it with your dreams.

Sotonye explained the importance of uniqueness in business.

She has an organic spa. Did you know that a mixture of Coffee, lime and baking

soda can work wonders on your face? Also, Coffee, honey and brown sugar are
great exfoliators?  ‘You can never teach
a person to be innovative’, she said, ‘it’s a choice we have to make ourselves’.

Ademola's inspiring talk ‘ Re-imagine Work’ is forever in my head....two questions that stuck were: ‘if you are constantly looking forward to the weekend, holidays, etc on a Monday morning, then you have to re-imagine work? ‘If you think that retirement will give you peace of mind in the end, then please ‘Re-imagine work’? I love his analogy to temple run...are we constantly running in circles in life? Remember, you are living your own reality show. Are you enjoying it?

Game Man made us dance. Game man made us think. Game man encouraged us to use our words. Game man loved my work..I'm humbled.

Salem, Zubair and Israel almost made me switch

professions....Being an IT person or a ‘Techie’ is so cool. Wow. 

Israel is a 13 years old kid who would soon launch his maths app. Think future ‘Bill Gates'.

Salem and Zubair taught me the importance of using time wisely and being innovative...yep, innovation is the future...and when they said- heart break = world solution, I just agreed. Pain can be a stepping stone to greatness. No?

I spoke too, on living a great legacy, cos that’s what matters, ‘cos that’s how we live forever even when we are no more. I encouraged everyone to give responsibilities to their abilities, to matter even if it’s for a day. 
I love this quote: 'When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent

left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me' - Erma Bombeck

Can’t wait to share the talk with you as soon as it is uploaded. Excited!

When God gives you a dream or an idea, executing it is your way of saying thank you to him.

What great ideas do you have?

Got this from the novel unveiled team. Surprised. Thankful. Mama's new fave decor :)

I never imagined I would get a laurel or would speak one day when I started this blog. This laurel means so much to me (so grateful to God for it);
it reminds me that a life of purpose and passion is so worth it. Also, the fact that you read this blog means a whole lot more to me. Wow!!!!! Thank you.

A colleague once asked: 'What can I do for this generation?' 

What can you do to make an impact, cos you are unique and the positive things you do matter a lot?

Source: Youtube

Like Steve Araba says, it would be rocky at first, but in the end, it’s so worth it.

Have a beautiful day!