Friday, 9 January 2015


Hello Everyone :)

What do you take for granted?
What have you stopped seeing?

  • The fact that you are awake?
  • The fact that you are healthy?
  • The fact that you can read,
  • The fact that you have technology, and can think?
  • The fact that right now, at this moment, you have peace?
  • Your family, friends? encouragements, or the critics?
  • The dirty dishes in the sink, reminding you that there is food, the dirty cloths in the wash room and the fact that you can even wash, that you have clean water....or an unkempt bed space...the one the homeless man on my street wish he had?
  • Good company? Education?
  • Dirty cloths?
  • Water?
  • The different occupation in the world, you know, everyone playing their role to make the world a little better?
  • Giving life or a shared smile?
Never take for granted  the rainbow, earth, planets...the living and non living miracles we see in the world....never take God for granted.

Source: Youtube

Stop and think ....what are you taking for might be that little thing you overlook you know...

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick

What do you take for granted?
What have you stopped seeing?

...The simple, ordinary and little things..... ?

Gratitude is riches. Doris Day

Thought I'd share this!

Thank You so much for reading.....

Happy New Year again :)