Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I CAN'T wait for IT...

The other day I was in the bus (you know the black and yellow striped buses) feeling IRRITATED. I had this itchy feeling all over. Apparently, someone had eggs and threw its shell all over the floor (Yuck!!!!). Aside from the egg shells, you could see water sachet, snack pack, orange peels and all that (it was an eye sore). I felt like throwing up. Was so relieved when I left that bus (seriously working on having a car).  
Well, that experience helped me figured out what to write in my 'personal statement' for scholarship (nerdy me...). Don't know much about other states but some parts of Lagos is DIRTY. Have you been to obalende recently??? Yuck!!!

So I scribbled this last night...(Heads up, I’m going to sound like an environmentalist)
"When I was a little girl, I was kind of hunched back because I always looked at the floor while walking. My street was very dirty and at that time, my little feet hated marching on such dirt’s. It took a lot to convince me that the dirt won’t seep through my sandals and harm me.
 Now I’m older and things haven’t changed much, my street is still very dirty, Lagos is still very dirty and Nigeria as a whole is not better either.
We suffered from flooding recently as a result of blocked drainage's, and people lost their lives and livelihood. We lose our succulent skin to skin cancer because our ozone layer is vanishing per seconds. We have malaria because of the ever growing stagnant water found here and there. We die from food poisoning especially from fishes because someone thinks it is wise to dump waste in the ocean. Biodegradable materials are parts and parcel of our streets because waste recycling is not important in this country. 
Waste is killing the environment and this shouldn’t be so because 'waste is gold'. A gold that if properly harnessed can be useful".
Hopefully that wasn't goofy, right??? Still working on the statement...
But you catch my drift. We need a better environment..
Use energy saving bulbs, don't throw stuffs just anywhere (there are bins for it)and so on...
But forget the whole environment blah blah I’ve written up... I can't wait for the whole of Naija to look like this...

Or like this

It can, right???

Have a great day,