Tuesday, 14 February 2012

So...Uhmm valentine

It's finally here...the much talked about valentine day...Whew, I'm writing this and enjoying Taylor's Swift's 'ours' (Really love this song...Don't u worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks with...just listen to it)

Basically, I'm day dreaming (hopefully, my boss won't catch me goofing around...Say Amen)...

Once upon a time, I was going to church and I bumped into this guy who was really nice, tall and cute. As usual, I was having my regular mood swing (little sister got me upset), so I think I was not nice to him (you know how it is). But somehow, he got my number and called me up to extend his condolence when dad died (I just said thank you and did not save his number). The following week, I got invited to a friends crib, stupidly, I didn't have my friends number, and so my little, sometimes, 'not booting' brain, assumed that the next person that called will be my friend (funny thing was that they had the same name, Mike).
You can imagine my shock when I got to his house and saw that it was the guy I was rude to. Well, he turned out to be really cool, friendly, intelligent, funny, matured and most importantly, loved God...(we argue a lot of times...remember, there's no perfect person)...Uhmm, we became really good friends, best friends, and hopefully, he will stay forever...Love you 'sexy enginner'...Hopefully, we will have our candle light dinner...Hahahahahaha

Once upon a time, I met a little a little girl, helpless, covered up in her hijab, and lame...She was really sad and sits there waiting for someone, anyone to give her money...My friend and I walked up to her and we talked to her.  Ever since then, we've been looking for someone to help her...Hopefully, we will find someone to do that. However, I like the fact that she lites up when she sees us. Love you 'Alimat'...

Once upon a time, I fell in love with the creator of the universe...He loved me first and sent his only son to die for me...I've never stopped loving you dear Jehovah...It's forever.

Once upon a time, me and dad always had our usual squabbles (he wants the best for me even though I'm naughty...). I remember the last valentine I had with him, he surprised us by buying us a cake and snacks even though we were broke at that time...Had my friends over (reading group) and dad ensured that it was shared equally amongst all of us even though our greedy self did not want that (Don't think he ate anything that day)...On his memorial book my friend wrote 'Will miss you dad, you were so selfless and showed me kindness even in little things. On valentine day, you gave up your snacks for me'...I laugh when I remember that...Maybe you are not here physically dad, but I see you in everything I do. Love you dad.

So, uhmm, valentine day...I've had pleasant memories of them...I think it goes beyond what a lot of young people think of it (boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship blah blah), it goes beyond a tweak of red in our outfit (Today, everyone has 'something red' in their outfits), it even goes beyond the date...for me, it's that random act of kindness that counts...The smiles you put on peoples face, that's what matters...It's going to a bar with your spouse and extending that love to everyone even those on the street...

Remember, little things count...

Have a beautiful valentines day...No bad things, yeah....hahahahaha