Monday, 12 March 2012

HOLA FRIEND ~ love u loads~

I keep a journal I call 'days and nights'. It's so precious to me and holds my favourite memories in life. There's a lot in it and it's my little sister's fave read partially because of some juicy stuff in it (hehehehehe)...
Well, on Saturday, as usual, I was out and about in Lagos with close friends just basking in the warmth of their company. It was tres lovely, lunch at eko hotel, then the beach and finally ended the day at the mall.
It was fun, refreshing and I even made new friends on my way back home{Though I got home late and was spanked:-(}
So as usual, after reading my bible, it was time out with 'days and nights' and lo and behold, I saw the most amazing letter. Apparently, my 'sometimes oh-so-bossy-and-nosey' baby sister wrote this:
Hola Friend,
How are you doing today? I missed hanging out with you. Going to the beach, picking shells and Sunday night gig. Can you remember Saturday night movies and checking out the boys?
Remember the karaoke’s and goat’s meat? Jumping cabs and riding horses? Helping out during exams not necessarily cheating.
Double fun and Friday cheers. Miss the ol’ days of paintings and jumping hoops.
Graduation day bade good night to us all; can we ever relive that memory? Our memories?
Miss you friend. Glad to know our kinship spirit never left. Will never have to wonder who my kids God parents will be.
I never broke my promise to you and never will.
Forever in my heart.
Love u loads.
Wow, laughed at first but I guess I learnt from it.
Even though having a 'me-time' is important, we can never underestimate the value of true friendship. Even with all the craziness and hard blows we face in the world, it's important that we find time for our friends (whether its God, family, a colleague, school friends,etc.), they have a way of uplifting our spirit, make us smile and be happy in life.
Whoever said that 'no man is an island' definitely knew what they were talking about.
Even if your friends aren't near, find time to talk to them. Trust me, they are IMPORTANT.
I'm talking to me too...My friends are in my head...
Have a fun day....
Love you loads...
Dedicating this song to u...