Tuesday, 13 March 2012


In a timely fashion I was made, arriving just in time for my date with the east, a good wife like me knows that lateness is no excuse for butchering a perfect relationship especially when the west is involved.

From the exit of the burning yellow diamond, I slowly approach, little pace I take, here and there, going where mother earth wants me.

I am beautiful when decorated with the shimmering stars and the moon queen dazzles in my theatre, she is the grandeur of the night.

Sometimes, I stand alone; lonely, scared and cold. When really sad, I scream for attention and tear-up, bringing in the flood; incessant whipping from the thunder opens up the ground and scares little kids; and I always get noticed especially in the company of thunder's lightening friend. However, my main goal is to make the world happy, despite my colour.

I am proud of myself. I am the tall, dark and beautiful one. So many myths revolve around me. Trust me, don’t believe all you hear. But, when you are important like me, then I guess you will be talked about.
I am just another beautiful creation, glorifying the Almighty One in my own little way.  I eaves drop on your thoughts and peep at you but not judge you.

I am just being me- the night, another marvel in this beautiful world, kissing you good night as you drift into dream land.

Thank you... (Bowing my head ~Hehehehehe~).