Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why do you love me?

My friend called me the other day to ask me 'why I love my boyfriend'...She said her boyfriend was hassling her 'cos she couldn't give him a reason for liking loving him.(It was a big issue for them, don't know if it has been resolved).

But seriously, do we need a reason for loving our partner?
A married friend of mine said its important 'cos that's what keeps your marriage in the long run. Do you agree with that?

Do we really need a reason? 

Maybe he's rich- If he looses it all, will you still stick with him?

Could your reason be that he is handsome/ she is cute:  What if he/she is involved in an accident and goes lame and don't have enough money for a plastic surgery, would you stay?

You say she is faithful and honest with you- If she commits one act of unfaithfulness, would you run?

Probably he is the most caring guy in the world: If the gifts stop coming, would you still love him?

If our partner fails to meet up with 'our reason for loving them', would we still stay?

I know God is love...Action word: IS...He epitomizes it...He loves because He LOVES...

So, do we love her because of her dimple or do we love him because of his height or do we love BECAUSE We just LOVE...

What do you think?

Song for the day: Halo- Beyonce

Thanks a billion for reading...Hugs!!!