Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just Poetry

Hello World,
Yesterday, I met Daramola Abiola again after 6 years and he's changed. He's a guitarist and  a poet at heart (Hmm, I've always thought the sciences have a stronghold on us)....

I've been begging him to guest write on this blog, hopefully he does one day...But he got me a gift- THE DEF POETRY and I've been hanging out with it...Feeling deep now.

I love poetry and one of my go-to places to fill my poetic needs is the 'Freedom Hall at Terra Kulture'. You can check them out on Thursdays and I'm sure your night will thank you.

Today is poetry day for me and I love this poetry by Alicia Keys- POW

Its beautiful.


Ps: I think all artists are doing an awesome job and I would love to feature original works here-poems, spoken words, everything in general. If you are interested, email me at-

Thanks a billion for visiting and have a beautiful day :)