Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hi dear,
How are you doing???
Please read this beautiful words written by my friend Victor.
Art by Flower drop

Beauty; they say lies in the eyes of its beholder and this is very true.
Some women are beautiful in their eyes, some in smiles, some lips, some nose, some in their faces, some in shape, some in legs, some in heights, and some in their hearts.   
For some others, their beauty lies within(abstract): management abilities, intelligence, wisdom,​ understanding, knowledge and more.
For some, it's in their talents: great speaking ability, good basketballer, fantastic athlete, a gifted musician, an amazing paint artist, a peculiar writer or poet, an outstanding cook and more.
For some, it's in their spiritual walk with God, others it's in their leadership ability, and others are excellent vision builders and supporters. 
Yes, a woman’s beauty CANNOT be measured because it comes from GOD. They are as beautiful as God since they were made in HIS LIKENESS and IMAGE!!!
So, if you are a woman and you are reading this now please know that YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL and you should appreciate yourself and NEVER consider yourself "ugly or unattractive."
For every man reading this, please take some moment to appreciate all the women in your life.
- Victor Blankson

Song of the day: I feel pretty/ unpretty

Have a beautiful day beautiful one!!!

Thanks a million for reading :)...Hugs!!!