Saturday, 4 August 2012


Good Morning Dear,
How was your night? 
I read this quote by W. Somerset Maugham that talked about mother's. It says "A mother only does her children harm if she makes them the only concern of her life.

This got me thinking, after all, there's no love like a mother's love. It knows no bound.  Is it a crime for mother's to love their children too much?

I'm not a mother yet. I don't know how it feels like 'yet' but I think what Mr. Maugham is saying is that 'in as much as we love our children, we should learn to let them learn for themselves'. Have you heard of the phrase "tied to mother's apron'? I don't think its good to let your children reach that stage with you. The stage where they are incomplete without YOU.

Please, I will love to hear your opinion on Mr. Maugham quote. Does being a mama's boy or girl have its benefits?

Have a great day.

Song of the day: Asa- So beautiful

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