Sunday, 16 September 2012


Yesterday, I was privileged to teach little ones at the sosaid home. It was a humbling experience describing the world of science to them. I listened with pride as they answered and asked questions and I really enjoyed our ‘chocolate time’ together (Thanks ‘Silver Line Store' for the free chocolates).

Spending time with the kids reminded me of ‘our’ long lost childlike innocence- the pureness we have in our spirit; the untainted wall of our inner being that sees every human as perfect angels.

Unfortunately, the more time we spend in the world, the more the evil that abounds in it rubs off on us. We lose the innocence and partake in every guilty pleasure of sin. We suspect every stranger and require a reward for every good deed we do. My friend Tina always says, "I used to be a flower, all jovial and innocent till that day when reality taught me that the world was not bright and beautiful after all".
Spending time with the kids reminded me of that childlike innocence I want to have again. It reminded me of the joy of making friends without questions. Their scrambling’s on my lap reminded me of warming up to people I don’t know and enjoy being a citizen of the world regardless of the negativity we encounter every day.

It’s nice. It’s wonderful. No matter what the world throw at you, fight back by being yourself, being honest, forgiving, and enjoying life. You win the war by being happy no matter what happens.

One of my favorite beatitudes as stated in God’s word is ‘Blessed are those pure in heart...’. Even God encourages it.
Keep doing what you are doing. Keep loving even if it is not reciprocated. Keep giving without expecting a reward. Keep being you and most importantly ‘Be pure in heart’ and love God…
We took a break so that they could welcome some visitors to the home. They just moved to their new facility which is not safe and are soliciting for funds or building materials to complete their home. Hoping something is done soon. :) or You can HELP!! 
Hope you had a fun weekend? Have a beautiful week. Hugs J
Thanks a lot for reading… and please, let me know what you think of this piece…