Saturday, 3 November 2012

A-Z ....

Hello :)

How are you doing?

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw my baby cousin in an ‘ultrasonic-ish picture. Uncle E (I call my second cousin that) is having his first child (Not telling you his baby sex yet) and in his super excited state he showed me his beautiful bundle of joy. Thanks to the movies, I could make out the baby’s head (hehehehehe), but then, I started thinking about life – the beginning and end of life and came up with what I call my A-Z of life. Hope to teach my lil cousin ‘this’ and other important values when ‘she/he’ grows up and really hoping you like it too and together we would learn from it…
Here it is, A—Z of life:
A-Arise amazing one
B-Be the best you there is
C- Confident and Competent
D- Daring, different, a mini dandelion perhaps, and not scared of being disciplined
E- Eager and encouraging in life and not egocentric like some
F- Fearless in obstacles, fun loving too
G- God fearing always
H- Hates pretence and holds hospitality in high esteem
I- Illuminating the world with your true being
J- Joy incomparable, advocator of justice
K- Kind-hearted like Mother Theresa
L-Loving others without judgement
M- Master economist like always, so you don’t get hungry later
N- Negative? No. Nice? Yes
O- On top of your game but won’t wallow in self-pity if you fall.
P- Perhaps cry a lil bit, but willing to put on a brave face again. Not scared to ask for help through prayer to God.

Q- Questioning every knowledge out there, curiosity does not always kill the cat (But it does sometimes).
R-Rejoicing with others, re-jigging something’s in life.
S- Slow to anger, quick in listening
T- Tactful and truthful
U-‘ugh-ing’ at ugly situations but remaining unbiased still
V- Visibly crazy about being a visionary
W- Wishing the best for all
X- X-raying all situations
Y-Yearning for good things
Z- ‘Zestful for life always’, very important.

Isn't this too long for a child? (just joking). Maybe it can help us too. Probably, make it our A-Z of life :) 

Song for today: Secrets- One Republic

Hugs J
Thanks so much for reading…