Friday, 2 November 2012


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Some days back, I spent some time with a friend of mine whose dad was a soldier. He grew up seeing his dad about 3 times in a month ‘cos his dad was away every other day for one assignment or the other.  Until I lost my dad, I had the opportunity to spend time with him as a kid. He was always there for us (still miss him). I can't imagine life without dad at such a young age and so, when Shola (my friend) told me his story, I decided to capture his ‘childhood feelings for dad’ through his ‘childhood eyes’ by way of poetry (I also tried writing it the 'palindromic' way, which is upside down ~yup, can also be read from the last line to the first line~. Not sure if I did a good job though, please pardon me. But I hope it speaks to you).

WHERE IS DAD? by moi
Mom, where is dad?
He asked, for the third time in 12 hours.
I miss him
Is he coming home soon?
He said he would be back at noon,
And we would play some catch. 
He said we would step on the brake and learn to drive.
Then he’d teach me mathematics and make me a kite.
He said he would attend my plays and cheer me at next week’s match.
He said I’m a little man and he would follow me to Lucy’s party
It’s already noon.
Is he coming home soon?
I miss him.
Mom, where is dad?
-The end.
I wrote this for all of us who has lost our dads or a loved one to war, time, natural disasters, work, death, a broken promise or ‘some crazy life style’. 
Do you still miss them?
God has helped me through my loss and I’m sure he would help you too. He heals all broken hearts, do not despair.
Like God, I love you too and I’m glad to help anyway I can.

Teddy hugs J
Thanks a lot for reading!!!