Sunday, 4 November 2012


Hello :)
How are you doing?

Recently, while reading the bible, I learnt an important lesson in humility (the bible app by you version is one of the coolest apps in the world. Seriously.).

U think it’s easy to be humble?

Try talking to the woman I met while working at the airport ‘once upon a time in my life’. Everyone knows that sometimes there are glitches in our airports here in Naija (delayed flights and the likes) but what amazed me was the way the lady could not stop talking about America. Talking to anyone who cared to listen, she said ‘I moved to the USA 3 years ago and you will never experience things like this over there’ ‘Oh, I need to call the driver right now’ ‘I need to get past this, so my dollars won’t get stolen’ ‘Obama will never allow this’ ‘I want to go back to America’ ‘America this, America that’. While staring past the ‘rolling eyes’ and ‘laughter’ from the crowd, I prayed she become a little less talkative and more humble (and hopefully, doesn’t attract the attention of someone jealous, so that they don’t harm her ‘cos the same naija she’s ‘yabbing’ have not fully combated its crime rate).  It’s wasn’t like the other people on the queue have not visited ‘America’ before, but they chose to stay quiet and perhaps, humble.

We were talking about ‘crazy stuffs’ at work the other day when Ozy, one of my friends, told us about a lady she met in the saloon, all she talked about was ‘BB Porsche’, and her N 100,000 Brazilian hair and a bunch of things that were not necessary for the public ear, all in a bid to show off…

Not judging or anything, ‘cos I think in some ways, we relish the idea of being slightly above others. Probably we talk down on an office assistant, or a co-worker, or a homeless guy, or even an 'un-educated' person.

Well, while on my bible app the other day, I read 1st Peter 5: 5, 6, and all I could say was ‘Please God, help me be humble’. God opposes the proud and raises the humble the ones.

What’s the point being proud, ‘cos while you think you own it all, there’s always, always, someone better than you? Besides, what will you achieve being proud other than drawing unnecessary attention to yourself ‘and ‘ur’ supposed riches.  

Be grateful for what you have, talk about it graciously but also watch your intention for doing it; is it to make another person feel lowly?
Image source: Project inspire online

Humility also affects the way we see ourselves too. Do we take honest feedbacks about ourselves light-heartedly or are we quick to anger? Do we feel entitled or are we teachable? Do we love others all the same and forgive or let pride hold us captive to malice and grudges?

Be modest in everything, rejoice in God and please remember God raises the humble ones…Be humble…

Teddy hugs J

Thanks so much for reading!!!