Wednesday, 7 November 2012


‘God doesn't always provide what we want but He always provides what we need.’- Anonymous

One of my favourite lessons from economics class (in junior secondary school) was that there’s a difference between our needs and wants. Many times, we mistake our wants as needs and if we don’t get what we want, it becomes a bad day. We huff and puff and cry and fall ill and forget to be thankful for things that we needed and had.

Today was one of those ‘bad days’ for me (Kind of)…Wanted something so ‘badly’ and when I couldn't get it, I became the ‘Scrooge of the hour’ (literally). Felt so heartbroken that maybe I was a disappointment…and when I got home and blabbed my heart to anyone who cared to listen; my sister said the quote above.

True!!! If we look in depth, we would realize that rather than cry over spilt milk (and spend time regretting what has been done), there are a lot to be thankful for. And that’s what I did. Went on my knees, praised God in my stormy situation and thanked the one who holds my future for this situation because I believe it can only get better (Jeremiah 29:11).

Another beautiful lesson I learnt from my ‘bad day’ was the art of journaling. Sometimes, ‘True me’ (our bloggie) is like my personal journal. When I go through old posts, I remind myself of things that are most important and glean on words that lift me up. Is it the same for you? 
Another ‘journal I love reading is the Bible. Spent my day with ‘Job’ and reading about his suffering and eventual redemption, left me with peace.  Journaling is important. Do you journal? Have you benefited from it?

Not a ‘politics’ girl but I’m so glad that Obama won the election (the joy in America is super contagious J), it kind of lifted my spirit too. It's such an inspiration.

I’m letting go of ‘todays’ craziness and holding on to God, hope, grace and faith, and my good ‘old’ chocolate. That’s my cure for a bad day. What’s yours?

So how was your day?

Enjoy a truly blessed week!!! Don’t give up!!!!


Thanks a lot for reading….You rock!!!