Thursday, 20 December 2012


Eureka: [yoo-ree-kuh]:I have found (it); Aha!

Hello dear,
How was your day?
Mine was awesome….

I've always wondered how something tiring can be beautiful and fulfilling at the same time…

Ok, tiring cos it’s a long walk (really long)…Beautiful, ‘cos u know u are doing something amazing…I'm referring to my day with the 'so said charity home'

I love spending time with the so said kids and going there today, with goodies and movies was nice…We watched a Christian cartoon together and learnt about obedience and all…

When me and my friend, Endy, were leaving, Some of the kids, Tope especially,  wanted us to stay and most of them wanted to know when we’ll be back. Would never forget the little voices saying 'aunty ijeoma, come back soon'. That was an ‘EUREKA!!!’ moment for me….That moment where I knew I would never stop this, one of my happiest moments in the world...

I love those kids and it’s a privilege to be their friend and to play a part in their lives…The owners of the 'so said home' are doing a beautiful job and I pray God rewards them. Can I hear an Amen? :)

Here are some pictures I took!!! Not so clear though (forgot my other camera) but I needed to capture this moment. One of my best moments this year!!!
My first pics with these amazing kids!!!

Movie time. Theme: Listen, Obey and be blessed!!!

Ok, my fault and the camera's. I'm sowyyyyy :(

Really, it’s always nice to know you are the reason for someone’s smile…Best feeling in the world…Grateful to God for the opportunity to know them, and hope that they don't lose their beautiful innocence, and that one day, they become a positive influence on another special being!!! Can't wait to see them in 2013, God's willing (woot woot!!)

So, what’s your eureka moment this year? And just in case the world ends tomorrow, hehehehehehe (not believing it though), remember I love you and God loves you more :)

"I believe in the spirit of sharing and I believe we are what we are because of those around us.""I am what I am because of other people and they are what they are because of me being around." "One hand cannot clap on its own but it needs the other hand to make a clap." "Many hands make light work.”- Maasai Tribe 

Song of the Day: Innocence by Avril Lavigne

Impact your world positively. Be amazing. Be kind J

Thanks a lot for reading…Hugs!!!