Monday, 21 January 2013


Made this reminder some days so that I can be constantly reminded of Gods love :)

How are you doing? Hope your weekend was fun???

Hope you are not having any 'Monday blues' like I am having now. What’s with 'Mondays' that is so arghhhhh!!!!!!!? 
Even when we were having our morning prayer at work, everyone was feeling sleepy, it was a druggy AMENNNNN! And almost all the faces was like   (-_-)

Do you feel like that on Mondays-especially when you have to wake at 5 am so that you can race to work with the millions of cars on the road and resume at 7:30am and not get bogged down with ‘meeting up with deadlines’, making presentations and trying to please an unappreciative boss? 

Or Are you having blues about the way you look or what you weigh or some 'never-ending-sad' situation?

In the words of one of my ‘Oga’, Mr. Izu, your Monday morning blues won’t solve anything, worrying won’t help, go with the flow; if you can change the situation, FINE!!! If you can’t, SMILE!!! Tell God about the problem and trust HIM to solve it for you. Don’t go around with a scowl. Life is healthier that way. You agree with him?

Well, here are some beautiful words to make you (me too)smile and feel inspired as you go through today and the rest of your week...

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Have an amazing week...
Remember Gods promise to us.....'I will never leave you nor forsake you'.....

Big Hugs!!!!
Thanks a billion for reading!!!!!!

Song of the day-Stronger by Mandisa