Friday, 18 January 2013

NO one knows TOMORROW...


Happy Friday J
How’s your day so far?

So the other day, my friend and I were on our way home when the bus suddenly stopped to pick a man and his GOAT.
Yup!!!! They put the poor animal at the back of the yellow bus where the car exhaust was, with its crazy hot temperature. The poor animal kept bleating, trying to free itself of the rope round its neck....Felt for that animal and the people seated close to it and it inspired me to write this cos I realised that some times, there are people we treat as GOATS in our lives.

Sometimes, probably because of our status, or achieved fame or when things are going well with us, we look down on others. We treat them like they are not worthy (It's 'Oh, he smells' or 'She's not educated' or 'It's a poor family') and leave them at the ‘exhaust’ where they bleat and beg to be noticed by us. And we forget that the world truly spins and those below eventually rises up or are in a position to somehow help us later in life.

My friend, Chinyere, told me this story of her Uncle who was all mighty some years back. She said, when some ‘not-so-rich relatives and friends’ come to beg him for food or school fees and all that, he had a million reasons why he wouldn't help them. He stayed away from everyone and treated them harshly if they ever come near him. He had it all and was super proud. Well, unfortunately, one day, the company he worked with folded up and he lost his job. He didn’t have much in savings and needed to cater for his wife and kids. He moved to a smaller apartment and needed a job badly. Well he had to beg here and there and no one wanted to help him and he was forced to meet with one of the ‘not-so-rich’ relatives that used to beg him for help back in the years.  The guy was doing well, he was a HR personnel in a good company. At first, he turned him down but after much persuasion from Chinyere, he agreed to help out. 
Her Uncle never thought things were going to get bad and that he would be the one in the begging position but unfortunately he did. Thank God for our dear kind hearted Chinyere who helped later.

Do you wish to rise? Begin by descending. You plan a tower that will pierce the clouds? Lay first the foundation of humility.- Augustine

Remember that there is always a tomorrow. Was watching Oprah Winfrey interview Lance Armstrong today, and I was heartbroken for Lance Armstrong....It's funny how we forget that our actions today will produce result in the future. It’s so quick to rise to fame but whenever you are falling, do you have friends or someone to hold you up? 
They say those you meet while rising up, are the one you meet while falling. Your attitude towards those below will determine whether you rise up again or you fall hard.#my thoughts

Change is constant. There is no assurance that your situation today will be permanent, so please treat everyone you meet with kindness and with humility....You don’t know their future, just like you can’t see yours......
God hates prides. He loves the sweet smell of humility.....

It is no great thing to be humble when you are brought low; but to be humble when you are praised is a great and rare attainment - Bernard of Clairvaux

   Never look down on anybody or treat them like GOATS....Treat others the way GOD treats YOU, with lots of love and happiness and forgiveness....

Have an amazing weekend...

Song of the day- No one knows  by ASA

Thanks a lot for reading J